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Legal company "Center of the sunrise" specializes in the field of private international law (private international law) since 1995. For many years of our effective work, we have accumulated an extensive experience in the field of provision of services of immigration (emigration), visa support, legal and consulting services. Have used our services many of the citizens of Ukraine and CIS. Our company was the first company in Ukraine which is implemented in the full program of immigration to persons of Jewish and German nationality. Our company is the first company in Ukraine, specialists of which, analyzing and systematizing the information and the relevant documents have helped many citizens of Ukraine and CIS in the preparation of documents with the subsequent submission of them to the appropriate international organizations with the purpose of obtaining refugee status. This resource of our company is to provide information about the activities of our company and our foreign partners in the field of international law, as well as the direct provision of professional legal services outside the jurisdiction of Ukraine outside the territory of Ukraine):

  • Immigration (emigration);
  • The preparation of the packet of documents for the visa support to any categories of visas and in any country of the world;
  • Preparation and conduct of immigration cases of different immigration programs and directions;
  • Provision of Advisory services to leading foreign specialists, depending on the jurisdiction of the country of the decision of the case;
  • Preparation of a package of documents investing activities outside of Ukraine, and also the estimation of chances to the realization of the fact, or any other investment project outside of Ukraine;
  • Entry into правонаследие abroad, registration and inheritance;
  • Preparation for the interview in the Embassy of the various categories of visas;
  • Preparation and submission of petitions, claims, complaints, appeals, annulment and other international professional lawyers in the appropriate authority outside the territory of Ukraine.
  • Representation of interests in the courts of a foreign jurisdiction on any of the matters of civil, administrative, economic, criminal, land, customs, family and other rights;
  • Preparation and full support of Affairs in the European court of human rights;
  • Complete "turn key" support of commercial transactions both in Ukraine and abroad.
  • The formation of an appropriate documentary evidence in case of appeal against the decision on refusal in the visa/immigration;
  • Search, analysis and systematization of necessary information (within the limits of the law and our competence).
  • Auditing and accounting services in a foreign jurisdiction.

This is not a complete list of our company's and our foreign partners, service out of the jurisdiction of Ukraine. Professionalism of foreign lawyers - our partners and highly qualified assistance of our lawyers allows us in the shortest terms and at a high level to give our Customers a variety of consulting services, to assess the prospects for a positive solution of one or another of the case, to offer our Clients several variants of the solution of their problems, to warn the Client's actions which may lead to undesirable consequences in the process of the examination of the claim, complaint, the works in the relevant foreign competent authorities. The quality of the services provided by our company and our foreign partners, consistently high and tested not only sixteen-year-old experience of work in the field of law, but also by a large number of positive decisions, received by us in the process of appealing against the decisions of foreign courts for obtaining visas of the relevant categories of immigration(emigration), the realization of human rights concerning the Convention on the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms, as well as a big number of positive completed Affairs and executed orders relative to other offered by our company services. Currently we are one of the leading companies in this area, and our experience and our professional experience, to allow to remain to us in one of the best legal companies of Ukraine, which specialize in this area of activities.